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Enforcement Strategy 

The GSC recognises the importance of ensuring, by deterring wrongdoing and non-compliance, that its regulatory objectives are met and by association, the reputation of the Isle of Man as a tier 1 jurisdiction for gambling activity is maintained.

The GSC seeks to act promptly, firmly, fairly and proportionately where suspected misconduct is identified. It is the expectation of the GSC that all persons engaged within the gambling sector, act and adhere to the highest standards of integrity at all times; demonstrating competence to fulfil the roles and the responsibilities associated with those roles.

Greater detail on the GSC’s approach to enforcement matters can be found in the various policies listed across the page.

It is an offence to undertake activities that require a licence under any of the gambling acts when not holding such a licence. Where such cases are identified they will be pursued vigorously by the GSC.

The GSC maintains an up to date list of all licenced operators and encourages stakeholders to review that list before gambling their money. The up to date list can be found on our webpage below:

Register of Online Gambling Licence Holders 


If you have any queries in relation to our approach to enforcement, please contact us by email on