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The Isle of Man Medicinal Cannabis Sector


In 2021 the Isle of Man Government introduced a flexible and detailed regulatory framework to allow commercial operators to grow, manufacture, distribute and export cannabis products under licence from the Isle of Man.

The GSC was appointed as the regulator for the sector. As part of the Transfer of Functions (Cannabis) Order 2020, the GSC will manage licensing and supervision of cannabis cultivation, production, manufacturing, importation, and exportation.

A sophisticated framework for supervising gambling already exists at the GSC and they have worked carefully to apply the best features of that framework to the new sector's risks, ensuring that all stakeholders are competent, crime free, and capable of developing a secure, trustworthy and efficient sector.

Regulations proposed by the GSC aim to attract quality businesses to the Isle of Man, transforming the cannabis export sector into a key contributor to the Isle of Man’s post-COVID economic recovery.

The regulated sector will enable operators to export to legal markets around the globe and provide the flexibility to allow for the innovation and novel new uses of the cannabis plant, ranging from industrial uses of hemp to medical uses of the plant and its extracts.

Department For Enterprise

Companies interested in participating in the Isle of Man's regulated medicinal cannabis industry are encouraged to connect with the Isle of Man Department of Enterprise (DfE).

They can support with the industry development and assist prospective businesses with licensing requirements, operating standards, and answering any questions about establishing operations on the island.

Early engagement with the DfE is recommended to facilitate navigating the application process and exploring opportunities to be part of establishing the Isle of Man as a hub for medicinal cannabis innovation.



Phone  +44 1624 686400