Cannabis plant being held up with a blue glove In dark surroundings

Business Plan Checklists

The Business Plan Checklist provides a standardised list of essential items to address when developing a comprehensive business plan to submit as part of a cannabis license application to the GSC.

The GSC has presented the key sections in an easy-to-follow checklist format to help the GSC communicate what level of detail they require applicants to include in a business plan. Referencing to this checklist allows applicants to ensure their plan addresses each required point. This will demonstrates a viable operational strategy for consideration by regulators.

Applicants can use the checklist as a starting point and reference guide for developing a high-quality business plan that fully responds to GSC evaluation criteria. While not exhaustive, it provides a simple framework for the core components expected in a license application submission.

Adhering to the established elements outlined in the checklist gives applicants confidence that their business plan includes the level of documentation needed to satisfy GSC assessment standards. It aims to streamline the application process