Online Gambling Licences

If you wish to apply for an online gambling licence, this page provides you with everything you need to know, from the types of licences we offer, guidance documents to help you understand the process to our application forms.

In respect of an application to conduct online gambling activities, the application form, vetting forms, associated paperwork and application fee must be submitted to the inspectorate. 

Once the application has been accepted, the general time period for a licence to be processed is typically 10 to 16 weeks.  The Inspectorate may request to meet with the Designated Officials and the Operations Manager (where appointed) to discuss the business model and gain an understanding of the key officials with regard to the business being proposed.

Assuming there is no delay in the application process, there will be a formal hearing after the application has been accepted with notification of the outcome be provided shortly after the hearing.  

If you have any queries on making an application, please contact us by email on